Guest Amenities:  Subject to availability


Free Popcorn and a Movie!

Video Library (Free use for our Guests)

Free Viewing of our VHS Tapes and DVD's Selections During your stay as our guests
Free microwave popcorn with your Selections

Tell us which ones you want to view and they will be
waiting in the home for you and your family or personally
delivered soon thereafter! (subject to availability)

Limit 3 selections at a time.  After viewing the 3 you can trade them back in for new selections.
Our library is located in Custer.  Call for hours. 

VHS Tapes

1-Forrest Gump (PG-13)
2-On Golden Pond (PG)
3-Bugsy (R)
4-Dances With Wolves (PG-13)                                                 (2)
5-Little Big Man (PG)
6-Gotti (R)
7-Roger Rabbit (PG)
8-Blazing Saddles (R)
9-Scrooge (G)
10-Jurassic Park (PG-13)
11-Guns of Diablo (NR)
12-Chino (NR)
13-Someone Behind the Door (NR)
14-Hot Lead (NR)
15-Dumb and Dumber (PG-13)
17-Past Midnight (R)
18-Hard to Kill (R)
19-Maverick (PG)
20-Last Action Hero (PG-13)
21-Mutiny on the Bounty (PG)
22-Young Frankenstein (PG)
23-The Rat Pack (R)
25-Stuart Little (PG)
26-Hollywood Sex Symbols (NR)
27-Species (R)
28-Forever Young (PG)
29-Tombstone (R)
30-Demolition Man (R)
31-Field of Dreams (PG)
32-Jeremiah Johnson (PG)
33-Batman Returns (PG-13)
34-Vegas Vacation
35-National Lampoons European Vacation (PG)
36-National Lampoons Christmas Vacation (PG-13)
37-National Lampoons Vacation (R)
38-Wyatt Earp (PG-13) Two part video
39-WATERWORLD (pg-13)
40-The Postman (R)
41-Howard the Duck (PG)
42-Funny Farm (PG)
43-Quest for Camelot (G)
44-For a Few Dollars More (R)                                                                    2
45-Hang 'em High (PG-13)                                                                        2
46-High Plains Drifter (R)
47-The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (R)
48-Pale Rider (R)
49-A Fistful of Dollars (R)
50-The Outlaw Josey Wales (PG)
51-Double Impact (R)
52-The Gunrunner (R)
53-Grumpy Old Men (PG-13)
54-The Untouchables ((R)
55-Great Expectations (R)
56-Memphis Belle (PG-13)
57-U-571 (PG-13)
58-The Jackal
59-The Wild Bunch ((R)
60-Young Guns (R)
61-Young Guns II (PG-13)
62-Wide Sargasso Sea (R)
63-The Blues Brothers (NR)
64-Diamonds Are Forever (PG)
65-Live and Let Die (PG)
66-Dick Tracy (PG)
67-Black Stallion (G)
68-Caddyshack (R)
69-Casablanca (PG)
70-Mask (PG-13)
71-Liar Liar (PG-13)
72-Top Gun (PG)
73-Men at War - The Fighting 17 Squadron (NR)
74-Robin Hood (NR)
75-Alien (R)
76-Dead Calm (R)
77-Stuart Little (PG)
78-Grim Prairie Tales (R)
79-Crimsom Tide (R)
80-The Exorcist (R)
81-Smokey And The Bandit with Jackie Gleason and Burt Reynolds (PG)                                                  2
82-Woman in Red (PG-13)
83-Nothing But Trouble (PG-13)
84-Lethal Weapon 4 (R)
85-The Alamo (NR)  (Two part)
86-Charles Bronson: 10 to Midnight (R)
87-Last of the Dogmen (PG)
88-Sitting Bull (NR)
89-National Geographic - The Puma (G)
90-National Geographic - 30 years of specials
91-The Hand That Rocks the Cradle (R)
93-Mad Max (PG-13)
94-The Road Warrior (R)  (Is this the future?)
95-City Slickers II (PG-13)
96-Ace Ventura (PG-13)
97-ELVIS His best friend remembers (NR)
98-Death Becomes Her ((PG-13)
99-A Christmas Story (a triple-dog-dare epic!)
100-Collateral Damage (R)
101-Austin Powers in...The Spy Who Shagged Me (PG-13)
102-Austin Powers in...Goldmember (PG-13
103-Blade Runner with Harrison Ford (R)
104-Presumed Innocent with Harrison Ford (R)
105-Submerged with Steven Seagal (R)
106-Freddy vs. Jason (R)
107-Today You Die with Steven Seagal (R)
108-Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (PG)
109-Men in Black II (PG-13)
110-The Little Rascals vol.14 (G)
111-The Little Rascals vol.15 (G)
112-The Little Rascals vol.16 (G)
113-Death Wish II (R)
114-Blazing Saddles (R)
115-The Yearling (G)
116-Under Siege 2 with Steven Seagal (R)
117-The Jerk with Steve Martin (R)
118-Wagons East! with John Candy (PG-13)
119-Looney Tunes - Back in Action - The Movie (PG)
120-The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing with Burt Reynolds (PG)
121-The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean with Paul Newman (PG)
122-The Specialist with Stallone and Sharon Stone (R)
123-Live and Let Die - Roger Moore as 007 (PG)
124-The Virginian (New-not rated)
125-Boot Hill with Terrance Hill (PG)
126-Lido and Stitch (PG)
127-My Name is Nobody with Henry Fonda and Terrance Hill (PG)
128-Legends of the West with Jack Palance (PG-13)
129-Call of The Wild with Charlton Heston (Not Rated)
130-Grim Prairie Tales with James Earl Jones (R)
131-The Graduate with Dustin Hoffman (PG)
132-The Stepford Wives with Nicole Kidman (PG-13)
133-Popeye with Robin Williams (PG)
134-Scarface with Al Pacino (R)
135-The Sea Wolf with Charles Bronson (PD-M)
136-Deliverance with Burt Reynolds (R)
137-Licence to Kill with Timothy Dalton as 007 (PG-13)
138-Left Behind (Tribulation Force) with Kirk Cameron and Brad Johnson (Not Rated)
139-Tribulation with Gary Busey, Margot Kidder, and Howie Mandel (PG-13)
140-Waterproof with Burt Reynolds (PG-13)
141-Apocalypse (PG-13) with Richard Nester and Leigh Lewis
142-Titanic with Caprio (2 parts/tapes) PG-13
143-Frankie And Johnny with Pacino (R)
144-Another 48 HRS with Eddie Murphy (R)
145-The Bodyguard with Costner and Whitney Houston (R)
146-Magnum Force with Clint Eastwood (R)
147-Apollo 13 with Tom Hanks (PG)
148-City Slickers with Billy Crystal (PG-13)

World War II Air Warfare History by Senator Bob Dole (VHS video with actual aerial footage)
   1-Volume 1
   2-Volume 2
   3-Volume 3
   4-Volume 4

John Wayne Collection
   1-Man from Utah
   2-Sagebrush Trail
   3-Riders of Destiny
   4-The Star Packer
   5-Dawn Rider
   6-Trail Beyond
   7-Lawless Frontier
   8-Randy Rides Alone
   9-Winds of the Wasteland
   10-Lucky Texan
   11-The Alamo (Two cassettes)  (Not rated)
   12-Rooster Cogburn with Wayne and Hepburn (Not Rated)


1d-A Christmas Carol (PG)
2d-Bonanza Western TV shows (NR)
3d-Frank and Jesse (R)
4d-Never Say Never Again (PG)
5d-Unforgiven (R)
6d-Basic Instinct (R)
7d-Open Range (R)
8d-Rudolph the red nosed reindeer (cartoon) (G)
9d-The Lucy Show! (G) (two CD pack)
10d-The Andy Griffith Show Collector Edition (G) --Two CDs
11d-Bonanza! Collector Edition (G) --Two CDs
12d-Decieved with Lou Gossett, Jr. (not rated)
13d-All Dogs Go To Heaven (Cartoon) (G)
14d-Shooter (R)
15d-Bad Santa (Directors Cut) (R)
16d-Dr. Strangelove (PG)
17d-Thunderheart (R)
18d-Saving Private Ryan (R)
19d-Judgment with Mr. T (Not Rated)
20d-Enemy At The Gate (R)
21d-Badder Santa (Unrated Version) (R)
22-Apocalypse Now with Marlon Brando


Guest Amenities:
 Subject to availability
 Use at your own risk

      Infant options:  Bassinet $4.00 per day
                               High Chair $3.00 per day

          Adult bicycles:  Four single speed new bikes available at $15 per day.
                                 Four multi-speed touring bikes available at $25 per day.

                                 ($60 damage deposit required per bike)
                                 (Riders responsible for damage, repairs, flats, theft, etc)
                                 (Cannot be loaned to others)
                                 (Riders and/or their parents are responsible for accidents or any
                                  costs arising from)
                                  (Mickelson Trail requires daily use fee/permit except in city limits)

          Pedal boats:    Two person pedal boats come with two adult life vests and one
                                  throwing device.  Parents must bring suitable life preservers for
                                  any child or youth.  Life preservers must be worn at all times
                                 by both occupants when aboard the boat - no exceptions.
                                 At least one adult must be in the boat at any one time - no children
                                 will be allowed to operate the boat without adult supervision. 
                                 Parents are completely and fully responsible for the safe operation,
                                  state law compliance, and any damage, loss, or theft of the pedal
                                  boat when in their care.

                                  Nearest lake is West Dam Lake on the west edge of Custer. 
                                  It is a smaller lake and is stocked with trout.  It has plenty
                                  of parking, picnic tables, softball field, and access to bike path.
                                  We will deliver and pickup the boat(s) to this lake each day
                                  for only $20 per day.  If you have a pickup you may transport
                                  the boat(s).  Safe tie down and securing of the boat(s) is the renters

                                  Two boats available.  Two person maximum capacity.
                                  $25 rent each per day.  ($100 dollar damage deposit required)