Black Hills Fun Facts

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The pillar is solid ice caused by water that drips from a hole in the roof of this cold cave.  The time
is early July.  Not all years is the ice pillar this magnificent - some years there is no ice.  The cave
is a large, open, domelike void in the earth.  It's composed of solid rock.  Never explore caves
I don't think I could find this place again and we no longer have our good friend and qualified guide
to help.  In fact we want to dedicate this picture that he took to his memory.  Jerry Anderson,
whose spirit now whispers through the pines of the place he loved so much...the Black Hills of 
South Dakota.  

About 4 years ago we noticed a high pitched screech from high above the lake.  It was a female osprey.  In the years following, she returned to raise 3 of her young.  We sometimes could see them soar far above the mountains when the mother conducted flying lessons for her young.  Always have a camera ready!  See why they have earned the title of Mother Earths' #1 fisherman and a most daring and proficient aviator.  These can be observed in the Deerfield Park area (where the Chalet Town homes are located)

Paha Sapa

The Indians loved and revered the Beauty of the Hills: the pure water in the cool sparkling stream, the aged rocks, the whispering pines. They prayed to the sun, moon, stars, rocks, and trees, thus communicating through nature with Wakan, the Great Spirit who ruled the world.
During the Moon of Changing Seasons the Indians thought the haze over the Hills was smoke from the Great Spirit's pipe of peace which puffed mistily when all was serene. To the Sioux, the sacred Paha Sapa were charged with mystery and supernatural power; they were a sacred shrine, a wilderness temple, an awesome sanctuary where spirits dwelt.


Maps and books are available to aid you in following Custer's illegal expedition into the Black Hills.  Discover and explore the trail that few have followed.

Mirandas' 23" Rainbow Trout.  Caught mid- June, 01 at Deerfield Lake from shore.  Miranda and Dad pictured.  Miranda, that's one    HUGE Rainbow you caught!

Come visit our land.  Experience the beauty of Mother Earth.
And the people who respect it.